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Turn that old unwanted metal into $$$
They call M & M Auto Wrecking the Reliable Recycler. If you need to have a vehicle removed from your place we buy used cars, and trucks - running or not. We pay top prices for all vehicles we need in our inventory and more.  OR just want that eyesore gone? We can do that too, and at no cost. We will purchase all vehicle's delivered to us with a title and seller ID. If we are picking up your car please have your vehicle identification number or {VIN} and an accurate description of the vehicle. 

Bring the vehicle in yourself along with all your scrape metal, our scales our ready and waiting for you.  We pride ourselves in being very competitive with our pricing. For the best prices bring it to us. We also pick up larger amounts at your place. We also have drop boxes of various sizes that can be set down at your home or business.
  • Aluminum - except cans
  • Brass - all types
  • Copper - all types
  • Steel / Iron / Ferrous
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead Batteries
  • Radiators - all types
  • Insulated wire
  • Recycling Boxes Available

947 S. Pacific Highway 
Woodburn, Or. 97071

947 S. Pacific Highway 
Woodburn, Or. 97071
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Reasons for Metal Recycling
Recycling is a means of reusing materials to create new products. Many people choose to recycle glass, paper and plastic and overlook metal as a valuable recycling opportunity. Metals such as copper and steel are good recyclable materials for a number of reasons.

Conserving Resources
The amount of metals found in the earth is a finite resource. Refined metals are just as strong as metals the first time they were extracted from the earth.  Recycling metals uses fewer non-renewable resources to be produced than virgin metals use.  It is easier to produce products using recycled metal, making metal recycling cost-effective. 

Less Landfill Waste
Landfills are giant holes in the ground into which trash is dumped. Often times, this trash is not biodegradable, or it can take thousands and thousands of years  to break down. Metals are not easily broken down and therefore cause problems in landfills. By recycling the metal, you will be cutting down on the landfill waste.

Protects the Environment
For several reasons, recycling metals helps the environment. Recycling results in less mining for metals within the earth. Metals that are being recycled emit less energy than forging virgin metals. Virgin metals, when produced, send pollutants into the air, such as dust and certain gases. Recycled metals give off practically no pollutants when they are refined. In addition, the recycling of metals requires fewer materials for production, such as water.
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